"I talked to Ronaldo on the phone, he is in good mood, he said he is basking in the sun." Juventus Italian international Chiellini said at the press conference last night.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s diagnosis has caused great repercussions in football and European public opinion. We are all concerned about whether close contact with Spain, France’s international football team, and Portuguese national team teammates will lead to reinfection. Portugal coach Santos said: "No one breaks the rules, no one breaks the epidemic prevention rules, the team only has Ronaldo a positive." Ronaldo will definitely miss the first round of Juventus's visit to Crotone this Saturday and next week's China visit to Dynamo Kyiv. The Champions League, theoretically the fastest, will be back in Serie A against Verona on the 25th next Saturday.

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)的诊断在足球和欧洲舆论中引起了巨大反响。我们都担心与西班牙,法国的国际足球队和葡萄牙的国家队队友的密切亿客隆接触是否会导致再次感染。葡萄牙教练桑托斯说:“没有人违反规则,没有人违反防疫规则,球队只有罗纳尔多有积极性。”罗纳尔多肯定会错过尤文图斯本周六对克罗托内的第一轮访问,以及下周对基辅迪纳摩的中国访问。理论上最快的欧洲冠军联赛将于下周六25日在意甲对维罗纳的比赛中复出。

Whether or not they can participate in the UEFA Champions League focus match between Juventus VS Barcelona on the 28th and staged the peak matchup of Melo, this is what fans are most concerned about. According to UEFA’s health agreement, players participating in the European Championship must submit a negative nucleic acid test report 7 days before the game. That is, Ronaldo must turn negative before October 21 to be able to catch up with the game. Otherwise, only If you miss it, it won't work when the 22nd turns cloudy. It’s a bit urgent. I was diagnosed on the 13th, turned overcast on the 21st, and recovered within 8 days. Ibrahimovic was diagnosed on September 24, and on October 9 he declared that he recovered and ended his isolation. It took 15 days to get rid of the new crown virus. Ronaldo is isolated in a hotel in Portugal, when can he return to Italy? The test must be another 72 hours or 3 days after it turns overcast. Looking at it this way, the probability of catching up with Barcelona is relatively low.


Maria Gismondo, Director of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Diagnosis of Sacco General Hospital in Milan, said that Ronaldo’s diagnosis is not a big deal: "A rest 10 days will be good. From the physical condition and age, Ronaldo belongs to The 95% of those diagnosed with asymptomatic and no sequelae effects. The worst may be a cold, but as long as you take more rest, you will be fine for 10 days."


"Roma Sport" continues to hype Ronaldo’s "mistake", leaving the isolation location without the permission of the Turin Health Department and flying back to the home country at the Juventus J Hotel, but this argument obviously has a regional attribute biased towards the Naples Southern team. The newspaper has always been like this, and has also been excluded from the press conference by Inter Milan for criticizing Conte. The more authoritative "Gazzetta dello Sport"-a media headquartered in Milan, not in Turin-has no such condemnation and tagging, which is desirable. Because whether the local health bureau has such authority, there is no clear statement.

“罗马体育”继续大肆宣传罗纳尔多的“失误”,未经都灵卫生部门允许就离开隔离地点,然后在尤文图斯J酒店飞回本国,但这种说法显然具有偏向那不勒斯南部的地区属性。球队。该报纸一直以来都是这样,并且因批评孔戴而被国际米兰排除在新闻发布会之外。更具权威性的“ Gazzetta dello Sport”-总部设在米兰而不是都灵的媒体-没有这种谴责和标记,这是可取的。因为当地卫生局是否拥有这样的权限,所以没有明确的声明。

Football has its own sanitation agreement. The epidemic prevention program and measures required by the European War and Serie A are here. The club's virus detection is supervised by the professional federation, the football association, and the national epidemic prevention department. Overlapping power? The Naples team refused to play in Turin on the grounds that they were blocked by the City Health Bureau. This does not mean that it is correct. The results of the sports court's verdict came out today.


If the Health Bureau says no, it won’t play and the international team won’t leave. What about the sanitation agreement between Serie A and CTS (Health Technical Committee, the highest institution of the Italian national government for epidemic prevention, equivalent to China’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters)? How do you play football? Cristiano Ronaldo has been recruited. At present (without proliferation), Juventus is the one who suffers the most. Juventus bears the consequences of releasing the international team. Therefore, Juventus did not speak much, and took it silently. But the media jumped out to accuse Ronaldo or Juventus as untenable. Please make sure that the authority of the Health Bureau and whether it can override the football sanitation agreement before you speak! The rules of a strange country are vague. Don't put the blame on a player or a club.

如果卫生局拒绝,它将无法参加比赛,国际团队也不会离开。意大利甲级联赛和CTS(卫生技术委员会,意大利国家防疫最高机构,相当于中国的防疫控制总部)之间的卫生协议如何?你怎么踢足球?克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)已被征募。目前(没有扩散),尤文图斯是受害最多的人。尤文图斯承担释放国际队的后果。因此,尤文图斯并没有说太多,而是默默地接受了。但是媒体跳出来指责罗纳尔多或尤文图斯站不住脚。在讲话之前,请确保卫生局的权限以及它是否可以凌驾足球卫生协议!一个陌生国家的规则含糊不清。不要责怪球员或俱乐部。

Napoli’s behavior is in its own interests. It refused to play in the league and kept all the internationals. It announced the lifting of isolation last night and played Atlanta on Saturday. Obviously, it has better physical strength and energy. Is this in line with sportsmanship? At least Juventus did not force the international team to stay and block the legitimate rights and interests of the international team for themselves. You are Ronaldo, do you listen to the Turin Health Bureau or play for the country?

那不勒斯的行为符合其自身利益。它拒绝参加联赛并保留所有国际球员。它昨晚宣布解除孤立,并在星期六打了亚特兰大。显然,它具有更好的物理强度和能量。这符合体育精神吗?至少尤文图斯没有强迫国际队留下并阻止国际队本身的合法权益。您是罗纳尔多(Ronaldo),您听都灵卫生局(Turin Health Bureau)还是为国家效力?

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