The course of the game was calm, and the star's inspiration decided the result. With Casemiro's goal, Real Madrid defeated the Spaniard and returned to the top of the standings again. Rufitt used the system and style of play left by Abelardo in this campaign, using the 451 formation to fight against powerful enemies. Wu Lei covers the right wing on the defensive end and uses speed to create depth when attacking. After several steals, the forward attack is quite threatening. Due to the large gap in strength with the opponent, the Spaniard failed to profit from the "shock therapy", and one foot has already entered the threshold of the second division.


It took four games to test six right-wing players. Zidane presented an asymmetrical system in this game. Isco's movement allowed Real Madrid to switch between 433 and 442. Isco connected the two wings, and the side corridor he left was filled by F. Valverde and Carvajal.

测试了六名右翼球员花了四场比赛。齐达内在这场比赛中提出了一个不对称系统。伊斯科的移动使皇马能够在433和442之间切换。伊斯科连接了两个侧翼,他留下的侧走廊由F. Valverde和Carvajal填补。

Real Madrid's state has gradually reached a high point, and the Spaniard is still wandering in a lost way. After losing to Levante and Betis in a row, the Spaniard's relegation situation is not optimistic. They must treat every next game as a life-and-death battle, even facing the leaders. Rufitt basically followed the formation and main personnel left by Abelardo in this campaign, and Wu Lei once again played the right midfielder in the dialogue against the strong team. Ferran Mendy and Modric are absent. Real Madrid's defensive system is not monolithic. This is Wu Lei's opportunity.

皇家马德里的状态已逐渐达到顶峰,而西班牙人仍在迷路中徘徊。在连续输给莱万特和贝蒂斯之后,西班牙人的降级情况并不乐观。他们必须将下一场比赛视为一场生死战,甚至面对领导者。鲁菲特基本上跟随了阿贝拉多在这场战役中留下的编队和主要人员,而吴磊在与强队的对话中再次扮演了右中场。 Ferran Mendy和Modric缺席。皇马的防守体系并非亿客隆app单一。这是吴磊的机会。

After the opening, Real Madrid quickly grasped the ball, and the Spaniard was also willing to defend and counterattack. On the offensive end, Real Madrid will give full play to its technical advantages, use space to mobilize opponents, and patiently look for a fatal opportunity. The source of power for the new Real Madrid comes from F. Valverde and Hazard. The former enhances the vitality of the midfield and makes the connection between the team’s three lines and the strong and weak sides closer. The latter has the ability to control a variety of tactics. The ability of law can play a role in speeding up both positional warfare and counterattack. Isco used running to connect the two sides.

开场后,皇家马德里迅速抓住球,西班牙人也愿意防守和反击。在进攻端,皇家马德里将充分发挥其技术优势,利用空间动员对手,并耐心地寻找致命的机会。新皇马的力量来自F. Valverde和Hazard。前者增强了中场的活力,并使球队三条线与强弱双方之间的联系更加紧密。后者具有控制各种战术的能力。法律的能力可以在加速阵地战和反击中发挥作用。 Isco用跑步来连接两边。

The combination of Hazard & Isco can help Real Madrid continue to suppress their opponents, but to achieve a substantial breakthrough in the control phase, Real Madrid also needs to mobilize more resources to attack the penalty area. In the game that has ended, F. Valverde, who has frequently penetrated in, scored 2 goals. Although he can enter the penalty area to cooperate with Benzema to grab points, the "side midfielder" is more suitable for him (5 assists) ), Real Madrid's best "shadow front" at this stage is still Casemiro. Just like against Sevilla, when the current players couldn't start the game, Casemiro went into the attack. Perhaps considering the Spaniard's weak strength, Ramos has also scored 30 meters in the front field many times, and the cooperation of the three players on the central axis brought Real Madrid goals.

Hazard和Isco的结合可以帮助皇马继续压制对手,但要在控制阶段取得实质性突破,皇马还需要动员更多资源进攻禁区。在结束的比赛中,经常闯入的F. Valverde攻入2球。尽管他可以进入禁区与本泽马合作夺取积分,但“边场中场”更适合他(5次助攻),现阶段皇马最好的“影子前锋”仍然是卡塞米罗。就像对塞维利亚一样,当目前的球员无法开始比赛时,卡塞米罗也发起了进攻。也许考虑到西班牙人的实力薄弱,拉莫斯还多次在前场得分30米,三名球员在中轴上的配合带来了皇马的进球。

After nearly half a year of debugging by Zidane, the "Galaxy Phase III" gradually showed a strong team style. From winning the Western Super Cup to winning the second round of the national derby, Real Madrid's performance in the strong dialogue is convincing. Hazard and Asensio came back, Casemiro and Ramos also maintained their state at a high point. The single-line mode allowed the players to concentrate more. The Galaxy Battleship can steadily score points from the mid-lower team. The team saw the hope of winning the league championship again.

经过齐达内(Zidane)近半年的调试,“银河三期”逐渐展现出强大的团队风格。从赢得西部超级杯到赢得第二轮国家德比,皇家马德里在激烈对话中的表现令人信服。 Hazard和Asensio回来了,Casemiro和Ramos也保持了高潮。单线模式允许玩家集中精力。银河战舰可以稳定地从中低端团队获得分数。球队看到了再次赢得联赛冠军的希望。

Real Madrid's strong suppression makes the Spaniards more passive, Wu Lei needs to face Hazard and Marcelo, defensive tasks are heavier. During the coaching period of Ruby and Gayego, Wu Lei served as a right winger/right midfielder in some games, and Ma Qin had arranged for Wu Lei to attack the ribs to send crosses for Ferreira. At the beginning of his tenure, Abelardo reused the combination of De Thomas & Calelli. Wu Lei won the trust of this relegation expert with his outstanding performance as a right forward, and then used the opportunity of De Thomas to be injured to complete the forward from the wing. Advanced.

皇马的强力压制使西班牙人更加被动,吴磊需要面对哈扎德和马塞洛,防守任务更加沉重。在Ruby和Gayego的执教期间,吴磊曾在某些比赛中担任过右翼/中场,马琴则安排吴磊进攻肋骨,将十字架送往费雷拉。在任职初期,Abelardo重用了De Thomas&Calelli的组合。吴磊以出色的右前锋表现赢得了这位保级专家的信任,然后利用德·托马斯的机会受伤,从侧翼完成前锋。高级。

Wu Lei is diligent and flexible in defense, suitable for offensive players with a strong sense of rhythm such as fighting Marcelo and Hazard. Real Madrid will continue to use large-scale transfers to find full-backs. Wu Lei's prediction of the ball's running route is more accurate, and he has a lot of experience in steals. Rufitt asked the midfielders to actively follow up when they counterattack in order to make better use of the crosses from the two wings. Wu Lei and Dadel's connection almost broke the deadlock.

Wu Lei勤奋而灵活的防守能力,适合具有强烈节奏感的进攻型球员,例如与Marcelo和Hazard作战。皇马将继续使用大规模转会来寻找后卫。吴磊对球的运行路线的预测更加准确,他在抢断方面拥有丰富的经验。鲁菲特要求中场在反攻时积极跟进,以更好地利用两翼的传中。吴磊和达德尔的关系几乎打破了僵局。

After Real Madrid took the lead, the Spaniards began to work hard to organize a positional attack. Once the teammates can play continuous cooperation in a small area, Wu Lei's speed and off-ball running can play a role. In the 48th minute, the Spaniard played a continuous match on the right, Victor Gomez made a low pass, and Wu Lei's outflank shot was confiscated by Courtois. In the 57th minute, Wu Lei was replaced due to excessive physical exertion.

皇马率领之后,西班牙人开始努力组织进攻性进攻。一旦队友可以在小范围内进行持续合作,吴磊的速度和无球跑就可以发挥作用。在第48分钟,西班牙人在右脚连续进行比赛,维克托·戈麦斯(Victor Gomez)低传,吴磊的外围射门被库图瓦(Courtois)没收。第57分钟,吴磊因过度劳累而被替换。

The gap between the two sides is only one goal, but the strength of the two on the court is different. Real Madrid started the energy-saving and emission reduction mode in the middle of the second half, and Rufit also dispatched a number of young players, and the game entered "garbage time" ahead of schedule.


Even if he didn't score goals and assists, Wu Lei's performance is still remarkable, and his contribution is difficult to fully measure with data. In the past year, he has experienced four head coaches with different styles. Wu Lei can win the trust of the new coach every time in the low driving and high walking, and then he has a firm foothold in the main lineup. His speed and off-ball running Movement and defensive coverage is invaluable in this team with too many unmatched technical players. Rufitt witnessed Wu Lei's growth and transformation. In his team, China No. 7 no longer needs to play from the bench.


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