亿客隆-本土球员观察:关键战多人担纲球队主角 U23三线皆有奇兵


At the end of the first round of the Super League knockout round, the top four and relegation teams have all been released. The process of deciding each seat was quite intense and exciting. Many duels lasted until the final moments before the winner was determined. The Shanghai Derby even ushered in the first penalty shootout in the history of the Super League. It is worth mentioning that out of a total of 20 goals in the eight match-ups, eight of them were scored by local (including naturalized) players. Many people can be regarded as the first contributor to the team's good results.


After losing 1-2 to the newly promoted Yongchang in the first game, Benitez felt a lot of pressure. Unexpectedly, the person who scored was not Long Dong, not Larsson, but two local players.


In the battle, the Dalian people sent two veterans Zhao Xuri and Zheng Long. Together with foreign aid, they firmly grasped the control of the game and won the offensive time. In front of the home fans, the Dalian people did not let everyone wait too long.


In the 21st minute, Larsson took a corner kick. Lin Liangming, who was in front of the goal line, quickly retreated. The Yongchang defender lost the defensive target for a while, and Lin Liangming jumped up to the goal. This ball also helped the Dalian people equalize the total score early and sounded the clarion call for counterattack.


In addition to the offensive contribution, Lin Liangming also focused his attention on the defensive end in the second half to guard against the surprise attack of the third foreign aid from Yongchang. In the end, the whole team worked unanimously to defend the score of 2-0 and reverse the total score to complete relegation. After the game, Lin Liangming, who scored a key goal, was named the best player of the game.


There is also a local player who deserves to be selected as the best player-Dalian defender Wang Yaopeng. At the end of the first half, Wang Yaopeng scored again with a header, and the Dalian native completed the overtake at halftime. This goal was extremely boosting, and at the same time Yongchang fell into anxiety.


Wang Yaopeng’s every move on the court shows that this 95-year-old central defender is very confident. Although his performance in some games is not so mature, but at critical moments his spirit can often bring him a status bonus. The goal of the service was not his first goal of the season. Before a 2-2 draw with Evergrande, Wang Yaopeng also scored a beautiful goal. In the game where he scored, the Dalian team hasn't lost yet, and he is considered a blessing general.


Zhang Yuning and Duan Liuyu are the core players of the 97 Olympic team. They are also the most outstanding U23 players in the Super League. They are ranked second and third under Zhu Chenjie. These three can also be described as the U23 of the front, middle and back three lines. During the Battle of Beijing and Lu, Duan Liuyu and Zhang Yuning had the opportunity to have a direct dialogue.


The plot of the second round is somewhat similar to that of the first round, and Luneng is still the first to score. However, after only 3 minutes in Luneng's lead, Zhang Yuning easily shot the empty goal after receiving a pass from Bakambu in front of the goal, which equalized for Guoan. This goal is also the 1400th goal in the history of the Guoan team.


In the second half, Duan Liuyu was in the center of the stage. He received a cross from his teammate in the penalty area and pushed into the net at the back point to help Luneng rewrite the score to 2-1. If this score is true, then the probability of a duel with Evergrande is the Orange Army. But after the goal, VAR reminded the South Korean referee Luneng to foul first. After watching the video, the Koreans also determined that Gerdes fouled Lee Ke and blew the goal.


Duan Liuyu lost a chance to become a hero, and the Luneng team felt that they were targeted because of one after another. The military spirit was a little shaken, and the mind had already withdrawn from the game. At the point where the Luneng team's thoughts were not unified, Zhang Yuning turned around the Luneng defender in the penalty area with a center standard style, and then took the lead for Guoan with a kick.


Since then, Luneng also has no desire to fight, Zhang Yuning scored twice to help Guoan achieve a crucial victory. With Yang Xu's missed lore, Xiao Zhi disappeared from the fans' vision, Yu Dabao and Gao Lin are no longer in the center position, and rising stars such as Guo Tianyu and Shan Huanhuan have not yet fully emerged. Whether it can be concluded that Zhang Yuning is the strongest active player in China Local center.


Zhu Chenjie, the most valuable U23 player, was injured, and the Shanghai Derby was only in the last moment when Feng Xiaoting could not hold on. And if the best U23 player of this round is to be selected from the back line, it should belong to Zhu Chenjie's old partner Jiang Shenglong.


Since there was no chance in Shenhua, when TEDA extended its olive branch, Shenhua was also very willing to send Jiang Shenglong to the relegation team to exercise. And Jiang Shenglong's performance also gave Shenhua a face. He didn't need too much time to adapt, he directly participated in the key battle of relegation and played quite well. There were 18 clearances, 3 steals and 3 interceptions in the two games. The most intuitive aspect of TEDA's ability to relegation is the improvement of the stability of the rear defense. It has to be said that Wang Baoshan, who is in charge of relegation, has a very old vision.

由于神华没有机会,当开发区扩展橄榄枝时,神华也非常愿意派姜胜龙到保级队锻炼。姜胜龙的表演也给了申花一脸。他不需要太多的时间去适应,他直接参加了保级的关键战并打得很好。在两场比赛中,有18个进球,3次抢断和3次拦截。 TEDA降级能力最直观的方面是后防稳定性的提高。必须说,负责保级的王宝山的眼光很老。

The chosen person on the Internet usually refers to the players who are lucky in the game. Of course, on the football field, good luck also requires strength. In the Jianye and Shenhua formations, Wang Shangyuan and Sun Shilin are the team's "chosen people".


Jianye created the "Black Eight Miracle" and won two games in the whole season and completed the relegation ahead of schedule. In the first round, Jianye took the lead with a penalty kick created by Bassogo, and such a score is not safe. If Jianye wants to succeed in relegation, someone has to stand up and win on the front line.


Just as the Dalian people did not expect Lin Liangming to score the key goal, Jianye fans did not expect Wang Shangyuan to expand the score for the team. The defending backbone seized the opportunity of a free kick, Zhang Gong and arrows hit the upper corner of the goal, leading the way in the game. This goal also gave Jianye defense chief a sigh of relief. In the end Zall Martins scored a goal, highlighting the importance of Wang Shangyuan's goal.

正如大连人没想到林良明能打进关键球一样,建业球迷也没想到王尚远能为球队扩大得分。防守骨干抓住了任意球的机会,张弓和箭击中了球门的右上角,在比赛中遥遥领先。这个目标也使建业国防部长松了一口气。最终,扎尔·马丁斯(Zall Martins)进球,突显了王尚元进球的重要性。

Shanghai Shenhua always shows up in key competitions, but it never occurred to him that the key man who equalized Shenhua and dragged it into overtime is the midfielder Sun Shilin.


Sun Shilin went to the hospital with Zhao Mingjian for an injury check before the game, and did not get a chance to start in the second round. He was not substituted until the middle of the second half. The result is that he kicked the world wave in stoppage time, allowing Shenhua fans to harvest the most exciting moment this year.


It is a pity that Sun Shilin's shocking shots did not bring Shenhua victory, but for him personally, it was already his best birthday present the next day.


The Chinese Super League is drawing to a close. A large group of naturalized players who have a chance to be selected for the National Football Team in the future have also been reviewed in front of the fans. The general strength and status of the players are obvious.


In the Evergrande team, Luo Guofu has been in a state of disappearance for a long time. Judging by his age, it would be more difficult to make a difference. However, Cannavaro has tried his best to balance the playing time of each naturalized player and give everyone the greatest support. On the bright side, Ka Shuai can be said to have trained two surprise soldiers for Li Tie.


One is Fernando. As long as he is on the court, Evergrande will never lack goals; if Fernando comes on as a substitute, he can clearly see the vitality and changes he brings to Evergrande’s offensive end. Fernando's role in Evergrande is what Fernando's role in the national football team. His performance of two shots and one pass in this round of the game really made people expect him three more points.


On the offensive end, the performance of Evergrande's back line should not be ignored when China Fortune is going to China Fortune. Jiang Guangtai is still stable and radiant. In the face of Malcan's collision, he stood upright; in the face of Toure's impact, his speed not only did not fall behind the wind, but also had an advantage. It has been a long time since we have played a defender with such outstanding physical fitness. We look forward to Jiang Guangtai's appearance on behalf of the national football team.


Compared to the first two, Exxon and Alan are not doing well these days.


Alan, there may be reasons why he may be evaded in the next round of the Evergrande. Genesio did not give him one minute of play time in the knockout round. He has not appeared on the court since the 13th round. There is no denying that Alan is capable, but he is a systematic player with a style similar to a shadow forward. He is not a single arrow with the ability to do it alone. He is a striker who can only show high efficiency under the support and cover of his teammates. He lost his position in the National Security Council, and may also be the case in the National Football Team.


Exxon became a wingman in Evergrande's "Samba Quartet" this round. With a little emotion, he is also the most lost one. When Exon's previous advantages are not there, he must face a transformation, and whether the transformation can be successful is another matter. I hope that both of them will work hard and leave a more gorgeous chapter in the history of Chinese football.




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