In times of difficulty, music can often play an uplifting role, and it is of course indispensable in this fight against the epidemic. Not recently, the "Wu Chui Dictionary" included another "idiom"-Ge Wu Shengping, meaning that Wu Lei participated in an anti-epidemic concert, hoping to help people get rid of the epidemic as soon as possible and return to Taiping. It turned out that a few days ago, La Liga organized a cloud concert. The guests in attendance included 20 La Liga stars including Wu Lei, and 20 top musicians including Lang Lang. Music is the main focus, culture and sports teamed up to raise a total of 640,000 euros for the purchase of medical equipment. Its form can be described as unprecedented, and its effect is obvious to all.


Dr. Dai who supports Wuhan is a Bayern fan. In the past, he has never failed Bayern's games. But on February 16, he did not watch Bayern's game against Cologne. Because he needs a good rest, he will treat the infected patient in good condition the next day. Bayern also lived up to their expectations, winning the game 4-1. Subsequently, Mueller responded to Dr. Dai on Weibo, and the club also sent a video blessing.


Professional football clubs generally have dedicated stadiums and training bases. These places are spacious and well-equipped with infrastructure. They are ideal places to establish temporary medical services, training and storage centers. Therefore, many teams provide the stadium or training base for free to the government to fight the epidemic.


In the face of severe forms of infection, many stars use their influence, either autonomously or under the organization of relevant agencies, to appeal and encourage everyone to actively respond to the epidemic and remain vigilant.


Of course, the above are just two simple examples. In fact, in addition to donations and materials, this public call is considered to be the most widely used method of fighting the epidemic in football. There are too many examples to list them all.


On March 24, Liverpool issued an announcement stating that during the epidemic, the club will help people in the local community, especially the elderly and vulnerable groups, alleviate the loneliness during the epidemic by phone, mail or sending postcards. After the announcement, the relevant team has been busy contacting local residents. At the same time, the club announced the contact number and email: 07701 320 455; Red Neighbours

3月24日,利物浦发布公告,指出在流行期间,该俱乐部将通过电话,邮件或寄明信片帮助当地社区的人们,特别是老年人和弱势群体,减轻流行期间的孤独感。宣布后,相关团队一直在忙于联系当地居民。同时,俱乐部公布了联系电话和电子邮件:07701 320 455;红色邻居

The above are just some examples of the "fancy" anti-epidemic, there are many others, not all of them. From the front line of the fight against the epidemic, to donations behind the scenes, to the artistic creation of the fight against the epidemic, and other aspects of the fight against the epidemic, there are "football" figures. In this global crisis, the football world vividly explained with actions: football is not just football. A sentence in the La Liga slogan is: It’s not football, it must be something else. So what exactly is this "else"? I think from that song


When You Walk Through the storm


Hold your head up high


And don’t be afraid of the dark


At the end of the storm


There is a golden sky


And the sweet silver song of the lark


Walk on through the wind


Walk on through the rain


Though your dreams be tossed and blown


Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart


And you’ll never walk alone


You’ll never walk alone


Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart


And you’ll never walk alone


You’ll never walk alone


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